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Why Nikki?

Nikki Haley is an outstanding leader. She has by far the best electability of any Republican presidential candidate in 2024. We regard Nikki Haley as a forward-thinking, next- generation leader, whose vision, values, integrity, optimism and energy make her the best choice as the Republican presidential candidate. Having heard Nikki’s thoughtful approaches to the challenges and opportunities for our country, we find Nikki to be highly experienced, credible, and an exciting, inspiring candidate.

What Nikki Haley stands for:

Fixing inflation

Less government debt, fiscal responsibility, support for small businesses

Strength abroad

Support for Ukraine and Israel, a sound strategy for China

Freedom at home

Personal freedom, freedom of speech, free markets

Education freedom

More school choices, more say for parents and kids

Sensible immigration reform

Secure the border, reduce illegal immigration, cut influx of deadly fentanyl

Limited government

Low taxes, less federal power, less administrative overreach, more state and local decisions.

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